The Moreno Valley College Academic Senate (MVCAS), composed of elected faculty representatives, makes recommendations to the College administration and to the Board of Trustees regarding academic and professional matters (defined by AB1725, Section 53200) and facilitates communication among faculty, students, administration, and the Board of Trustees in all matters related to community college education.

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The MVC Academic Senate's purpose includes:

  • initiate studies relating to and participate in the formation of policies and procedures on academic and professional matters;
  • consult collegially in the construction of, as well as, monitor, assess and evaluate the College’s strategic planning and operations structure;
  • provide and maintain channels of communication between students, faculty, other Colleges in the RCCD, administration, and the BOT;
  • hear, investigate, deliberate, negotiate, recommend or refer any matters brought to its attention by a member of the faculty, and shall be the representative body in all academic and professional matters;
  • participate with BOT representatives in the joint development of institutional policies pertaining to the 10+1 items in the Senate purview such as minimum qualifications, equivalencies, and hiring procedures; and, with the bargaining agent, in the development of personnel policies (e.g., tenure review, evaluation procedures, and faculty service areas). 

Constitution Bylaws (pdf)


The Academic Senate follows the most recent Governance Committee Meeting Calendar. Meetings occur on the first and third Mondays of each month during the academic year. Faculty are invited to attend and to express their views and concerns on a regular basis to their elected Senate representatives.

2023-24 Agendas and Minutes 2022-23

August 28

3 - 5 pm

WC 103 or Zoom
September 11 3 - 5 pm WC 103 or Zoom
October 2 3 - 5 pm WC 103 or Zoom

October 16

3 - 5 pm WC 103 or Zoom
November 6 3 - 5 pm WC 103 or Zoom
November 13 3 - 5 pm WC 103 or Zoom
December 4 3 - 5 pm WC 103 or Zoom

February 12

3 - 5 pm

WC 103 or Zoom

March 4

3 - 5 pm

WC 103 or Zoom

March 18

3 - 5 pm WC 103 or Zoom

April 15

3 - 5 pm WC 103 or Zoom

April 22

3 - 5 pm WC 103 or Zoom

May 6

3 - 5 pm WC 103 or Zoom

May 13

3 - 5 pm WC 103 or Zoom


The MVCAS represents all full-time and associate faculty employed by the District who teach at MVC and who do not perform any services for the District or College that are identified in the District or College structure as administrative or supervisory.
Role Incumbent

Felipe Galicia

Senate President Elect

Esteban Adam Navas


Laura Dunphy


Michael Wilson

Senator At-Large

Nick Sinigaglia




Laura Dunphy

Communications and World Languages

José Oceguera

Mario Vega Sanchez


Carmen Perches

Silvia Trejo

English Studies

Emma Pacheco

Michael Wilson

Health and Human Services

Lisa Hausladen

Humanities, Education, Social Sciences, and Behavioral Sciences

Adviye Tolunay

Monica Hernandez

Mathematics and Computer Information Systems

Rosalia Cueto

Gabriela Florido

Biological and Physical Sciences

Jeffrey Julius

Abel Sanchez

Public Safety

Nancy Aguirre

Visual and Performing Arts

Lauren Johnson


Area Representative
Part-Time Faculty Angela Thomas
Student (ASMVC)  Kemari Wofford


Access MVC Academic Senate document libraries, RCCD Board Policies, state Senate and legislative resources, as well as governance and participation models.
  • ASCCC: Academic Senate for California Community Colleges.
  • Academic Senate Origin: Establishing Academic Senates in California Community Colleges (Case, 1971).
  • AB 1725, 1988: Provides a summary of major outcomes beginning with the new role of community colleges, the shift in power from the legislatioure back to local boards, affirmative action in hiring practices, 75%:25% full-time:part-time ratio, minimum qualifications, hiring and tenure review. The birth of Academic and Professional Matters and Collegial Consultation.
  • California Educational Code:
    • Title 5: California Code of Regulations 53200-53207 Covers the Academic Senate
    • Title 3, 70902 (b7): Ed code on Governance: “Establish procedures that are consistent with minimum standards established by the board of governors to ensure faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to express their opinions at the campus level, to ensure that these opinions are given every reasonable consideration, to ensure the right to participate effectively in district and college governance, and to ensure the right of academic senates to assume primary responsibility for making recommendations in the areas of curriculum and academic standards.”
  • Role of the Academic Senate: Joint Q&A document by the ASCCC and CCLC on the role of the Academic Senate in California Community Colleges. Guidelines for Implementation of Section 53200 - 53204 of Title 5 of the Administrative Code of California (ASCCC & CCLC, 1991).
  • Participating effectively in district and college governance: Q&A document covering effective ways to participate in college governance. This document was jointly produced with contributions from the CCLC and ASCCC. It was adopted by the ASCCC at the Fall 1998 Plenary Session.
  • Academic Senate and Faculty Association relations: A model for establishing effective Academic Senate relationship with the local bargaining unit in the interest of the faculty.