With online learning, the classroom comes to you

Moreno Valley College offers a mixture of online and in-person classes. For students taking online classes, you have access to a full range of support services offered remotely at your convenience.

Discover how your class will be taught

Classes at MVC are marked with an instruction style that can inform you how they will be taught. If you ever have questions about your class's instruction style, check with your instructor.

The class schedule has instruction style codes that can help inform you how an online class will be taught.

  • LEC: Lecture classes, when not flagged as other modalities such as online or hybrid, are primarily in-person and on campus. Lectures are also considered the period in classes where students spend the course period in the classroom.
    • WE or WEB: Web Enhanced classes are lecture courses that specifically require the internet and computers to complete assignments or to access course materials.
  • LAB: Laboratory courses focus on hands-on learning and activities. These courses typically ask students to apply knowledge to complete in-class assignments and projects. There is little instructor lecture time, course meetings tend to be shorter, and unit counts are typically smaller. Many classes may have lab components to enhance learning, but are not labs alone.
  • HYB: Hybrid classes are partially online, with scheduled meetings that occur on campus. Most, if not all, class materials will be available through Canvas.
  • OL: Online classes are fully online, with no scheduled class meetings. All materials will be available through Canvas.
    • REG-MEET: These classes meet virtually on a fixed schedule for live, online lectures (typically through Zoom). No in-person meetings occur, but things like attendance count as students are expected to attend each class session.
    • OCC-MEET: These classes meet occasionally on a virtual basis (such as through Zoom) for live lectures. No in-person course meetings occur.

The majority of the online courses are asynchronous, meaning that assignments and interaction with the class do not happen at scheduled times each week. There are assignments, modules, and due dates in these courses that will have submission deadlines. This includes any classes marked as ONLN or OL.

A smaller group of MVC courses are online and synchronous, meaning that students will interact with their instructor via video conference (like Zoom) at specific times and days each week. These meetings likely occur at the days and times listed in the class schedule. These include any online classes marked as OCC-MEET or REG-MEET.

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Tools for Online Classes

MVC offers students free, self-guided tutorials and a learning community to help you complete classes online, use Canvas effectively, and more.

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Academic Support at MVC

The Academic Success Center at Moreno Valley College provides students with the resources needed to satisfactorily complete their courses and succeed academically. Academic support includes support with free tutoring and study groups, computers, printing, study space, and more.

Access the Academic Success Center

Free Tutorials and Ongoing Canvas Support

Prepare for Online Classes

MVC has created a two-module training to help students be better prepared for online classes and improve their ability to use Canvas. This course covers common misconceptions and basic Canvas tools; it should take about 1-2 hours to complete.

  • Canvas Basics: Some faculty might assign Canvas Basics, so why not get started now? Once you earn your badge, you can share it with any teacher that asks you to complete the basics. One and done.
  • the quad: Benefit from ongoing Canvas Support, designed for students by MVC faculty. You may self-enroll in the quad to have access to all the resources and practice opportunities provided.

Get help registering for and planning your classes

Student Services and Counseling Services offers drop-in online support through ConexEd. 
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Need to register for class? Get help from Student Services no matter where you're at. The Admissions & Records, Assessment Center and Financial Aid teams are available!
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Need to develop an educational plan or talk to a counselor? Reach out to your engagement center for counseling appointments or same-day help from your success team.

Technical requirements for online courses

Since your course will be accessed through your computer and internet connection, it is important that you have the proper computer configuration. Outlined below are the basic technical requirements for participation in an online course:

Canvas Browser Requirements

Canvas runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser. This is possible because Canvas is built using current web standards.


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