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Parking at RCCD colleges is similar to parking in any busy metropolitan or downtown area. Moreno Valley College offers a mix of student and employee permit parking, pay-by-hour, and limited short-term visitor parking. Reviewing the information about parking regulations, permits, procedures and tips on this page will help make on-campus parking a less stressful experience. Please note that every vehicle that parks on any campus must have their car registered for a virtual parking permit or pay the meters.

About Permits and Fines RCCD Parking Rules

Fall 2022 Parking

Virtual parking permits for fall 2022 may be purchased after August 15. Semester parking fees will be waived this term. Vehicles must still be registered to avoid citation. You may secure your semester permit in MyPortal or WebAdvisor while day permits can be purchased via the Park Mobile app.

Virtual Parking Permit

You must register your vehicle(s) for your virtual permit. Virtual permits are assigned based on the make, model and license plate of your vehicle. Up to two vehicles may be registered. Physical permits are no longer displayed except for day permits purchased at on-campus parking meters. Physical day permits must be displayed on the dash of your vehicle.

Enforcement Grace Period

Permit enforcement will be waived from August 22 to September 5. All other parking rules will be enforced, including parking in the appropriately colored stalls (white for students and visitors, yellow for employees). Permit enforcement resumes September 6.

Student Parking

Student parking permits allow vehicles to park in white-striped parking stalls and are purchasable for the fall, spring and summer terms. Winter term does not require a parking permit. To purchase a parking permit, go to WebAdvisor. Permits, except day permits purchased at on-campus meters, are virtual.

Every vehicle that parks on any campus must have their car registered for a virtual parking permit or pay the meters. Virtual permits can be purchased online. Virtual permits are assigned to your vehicle's license plate. Students may have up to two vehicles on file. You can change or update your permit at any time. Parking enforcement will scan your license place to check your permit, if required. 

Permits are available for student purchase before reach term. For the first week or two of a term, campus police waives permit enforcement fines (provided students are parking in white student stalls and not otherwise violating parking rules). This allows for students to not need to pay for permits if they end up dropping classes or changing schedules.

Student permits work at any RCCD location - no need to buy separate permits if you are taking classes at multiple colleges.

White-striped parking stalls are available for vehicles with any RCCD parking permit. Yellow-striped parking stalls are for employee parking only.

Each lot has a specific designation for who can or cannot park there. There are also areas (such as disabled spots, fire zones, loading areas, etc.) that are posted for the exclusive use by certain persons or vehicles. Board Policy spells out in detail such areas and restrictions.

Semester permits are $50 for the fall and spring semesters and $25 for summer term, unless fees have been waived. No permit is required during winter term.

The fees collected from the sale of parking permits are used to fund college and student services. Fees also fund police officers, safety escort services, lot maintenance and new lot construction on all three colleges.

For day permits, costs are assigned based on the amount of time you expect to park. Going over your purchased time means your permit is no longer valid and you may be subject to a fine.

  • $1 for one hour
  • $3 for four hours
  • $5 for a full day

Parking regulations may be enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week including all rules of the California Vehicle Code. These include, but are not limited to, disabled and fire zones, vehicle registration and any other area marked as enforced 24 hours a day.

Fall and spring both offer two weeks of free parking to students at the start of each term. Summer term allows for one free week of parking. This applies to white parking stalls only. A permit is required at all times to use yellow employee stalls.

Visitor Parking

Free visitor parking is generally not available except for community events, such as Welcome Day or Scholarship Ceremonies. Visitors to any RCCD location must park in white-striped student stalls, in metered parking or in marked timed spaces, wherever available. College guests may obtain a temporary parking permit from any College Safety and Police Department located at each college. 

White-striped parking stalls are available for vehicles with any RCCD parking permit. Yellow-striped parking stalls are for employee parking only.

Please be sure to follow lot designations, as well as avoid unauthorized use of restricted parking locations (such as disabled spots, fire zones, loading areas, etc.) posted for the exclusive use by certain persons or vehicles.

Yes, visitors and guests must pay by hour or day for a temporary permit except in cases where guests have obtained a temporary permit from Parking Services, or if an event open to the community has offered free parking to its guests.

Temporary hourly or day permit costs are:

  • $1 for one hour
  • $3 for four hours
  • $5 for a full day

Employee Parking

RCCD employees are eligible to park in yellow-striped faculty/staff parking stalls or white-striped stalls with a valid faculty/staff parking permit.

Employees are not authorized to possess or use any other type of permit other than an employee/staff permit. The only exception to this are those temporary permits issued by Parking Services for those who already have a current staff permit.

Permits are virtual and can be purchased online, and are attached to the license plate of your vehicle. You may register two vehicles per employee.

Staff can register to receive a staff carpool permit from Parking Services. Contact Parking Services at (951) 222-8520 or campus police at (951) 571-6190 for more information. Staff may also have the cost of an annual permit deducted from their paycheck on a monthly basis.

Student employees are not eligible to purchase faculty/staff parking permits.

Learn about employee parking

Staff permits are valid in any staff and student parking space on campus. No vehicle may park in a yellow-striped stall without a faculty/staff virtual permit or valid temporary permit.

Yellow stalls marked for employee use must always have a permit on file, without exception, even during grace periods. RCCD Police enforces parking regulations 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at all college campuses, education sites, and district locations. All vehicles must have a valid virtual District permit, a District- or College-issued temporary permit, or use metered parking any time the vehicle is parked at a college or district location (AP 6750). 

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