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Assessment and Orientation

Find your footing as a Moreno Valley College mountain lion by taking your orientation and ensuring your course placements are accurate.

The next step in your college journey

Get ready to experience all college has to offer, get answers to your college questions, and discover the ins and outs of what it means to be a college student. Assessment and orientation are two of the first steps you complete as a college student. These steps affect your course placement and ensure you understand everything Moreno Valley College has to offer. Start college prepared and able to register for the classes best suited to you.

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College Orientation

Orientation offers you a brief overview of the services available to you as a Moreno Valley College student, walks you through the rest of your application process, and ensures you know about MVC rules and policies.

You can complete their college orientation online at your own pace. You must log in with your name and student ID number to receive credit. For assistance, reach out to counselors and advisors.

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Placement Exams

Course placement allows MVC to evaluate your skills in a subject so you register for the classes that you have the best chance to succeed in. Placement for math and English is done automatically during application. Other course placements, which allow access to advanced classes or allow students to skip introductory courses, are based upon results from proctored exams. MVC offers placement exams in chemistry and Spanish.

English as a Second Language placement can be done with a counselor, or on your own through MyPortal. Support with placement and assessment is provided by the assessment coordinator.

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Have questions? Here are quick answers.

MVC's college orientation is fully online and can be at any pace you prefer, as long as you complete it before registration. We strongly recommend paying attention to the information within because it will ensure you're prepared for college. You'll be able to revisit the information if you ever need to.

If you need to pace yourself, feel free to take your time. As long as you log in with your student ID and full name, you'll get credit when you do complete it.

A placement test is only required if you feel you’ve been placed incorrectly, or believe you qualify for advanced courses based on prior study in chemistry or Spanish.  

Students seeking placement in ESL are recommended to speak with a counselor first. To make an appointment with a counselor please contact your engagement center. You may also complete the ESL self-placement survey in MyPortal.

Most students do not need to take a placement test, as figuring out your math and English placements is based on your high school transcripts.

Everyone is expected to always follow MVC’s parking rules. Regardless of the length of your visit, parking on campus requires a permit. Students may purchase temporary permits for a few dollars online or at permit machines in each parking lot. White striped spaces are designated for student/visitor use.

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Need placement or orientation assistance? Have a college question? MVC's support team is here to assist you. Simply choose what you need help with, and reach out.

Online assistance is also available same-day through a virtual ConexEd lobby.

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