Logos and Brand Marks

To access logos and brand marks, you must log into your RCCD email. Refer to the College Logos, Seals and Marks guide to identify these resources and use them properly. Vendors may request resources from the college webmaster.

The Moreno Valley College wordmark is the primary college logo and should always be the first choice in any publication. This logo must always be reproduced in MVC's official teal, black or white.

Is vertical space a concern? Use the horizontal version instead.

The wordmark may be abbreviated into MVC's monogram when space or ability to convey the full logo is impossible due to size constraints. Typical uses include merchandise. Using this symbol on flyers or marketing collateral is unacceptable.
This mark is intended for athletics, student activities, and other uses to promote school spirit. It is not appropriate for academic or business use.
The seal is to be used only on official College documents, such as letterhead, certificates and degrees, or by the President's Office. It may never be used for marketing except for official and ceremonial events. Instead, use the wordmark.

Other Logos and Marks

Select programs have unique logos as sub-brands, co-brands and extensions of the MVC brand. Brand extensions include standalone program/service logos plus a lockup with the MVC wordmark; sub-brands include the MVC wordmark in the design; and co-brands are the MVC wordmark plus lettering of a program or office. Unique usage restrictions may apply.


To access templates and files, you must log into your RCCD email.

Download a copy of your preferred PowerPoint templates. Options include with and without college seals, pie chart templates, and more.

Download a copy of MVC's electronic letterhead in DOCX (Microsoft Word) format.

Download your preferred 1080p virtual background for use in Zoom and other online meeting platforms. Options include high quality shots of campus, minimalistic designs, and more.

Design Resources

Access the official MVC and RCCD photo library.

Information Resources

Find a list of commonly used acronyms and abbreviations used at Moreno Valley College, as well as usage tips.