Defining What Makes MVC Unique

Our visual and editorial identity represents the image of Moreno Valley College (MVC) and is the cornerstone of all College communication efforts. This message must remain clear, singular, and consistent to build the identity which will differentiate MVC from other colleges.

Brand Elements and Standards Brand Toolkit

What is Branding?

A brand is a representation of what we say about ourselves, how we act, and what people think of us. The goal of having a brand at MVC is to accurately represent the values, contributions and mission of the college in a way that is easily identifiable. A defined brand requires that the voice of MVC as an institution be understandable and relatable through tone, attitude, action as well as in visual and editorial representation.

MVC's mission is defined by four words: education, empowerment, equity and service. We're committed to educating and empowering MVC Lions, providing equitable access to education, and serving our communities. By building a strong brand, we not only reinforce our mission, but we help our students and community believe in what we can accomplish together.

By creating consistency in our messaging, both visual and editorial, Moreno Valley College builds a relationship with our students and community. No matter where or how you're interacting, when you speak on behalf of MVC, you have the opportunity to build and reinforce that trust, which results in more engagement and excitement.

The Message of MVC's Brand

Moreno Valley College is an affordable starting point for a degree, certificate or to complete transfer requirements in the heart of the Inland Empire. We strive to create a sense of belonging for our students and communities because we believe we go further together. As part of a three-college district, MVC offers students a personal, intimate learning experience where support starts from day one and the academic opportunities are many.


Moreno Valley College is an educational and business partner in our growing community. We offer accessible university transfer, career, and technical training certificate and degree programs specializing in health Sciences, human services, and public safety. Our programs originate from a beautiful main campus and are offered at several other convenient locations. Our accomplished faculty and supportive staff are committed to the success of our students and the economic development of our community.


As an institution with two sister colleges, it is vital that MVC's brand ties into our history of educational excellence and that it reflects our continued relationship as part of the three college system of Riverside Community College District. A constituent must see consistent usage of the Moreno Valley College logos so that there is no confusion as to what Moreno Valley College is: an accredited higher education institution.

Brand Elements

Moreno Valley College's identity standards are comprised of several elements: our wordmark, or the Moreno Valley College name; our graphic representation through our logos, seals, marks, typography and color palette; and our editorial identity.

MVC logo on a teal background
Graphical Representation
The Moreno Valley College logos, starting with our dynamic interlocking wordmark, are graphic marks that depict our College's focus on the strength of our partnerships and the accessibility of our academic and support programs.
A grid of teal and blue colors
Visual Identity

Moreno Valley College colors represent our collegiate identity, the natural landscape surrounding our campus, and the cultural expression and diversity of our community. Starting with our signature teal, MVC's brand colors are a critical element in fixing a consistent and recognizable look.

Text in avenir font on a teal background
Fonts and Letterhead

Typography standards and letterhead guidelines specify the fonts that are accepted under Moreno Valley College branding standards. Using approved fonts unify the appears of MVC's marketing efforts.

A blurb written in MVC's writing style on a teal background
Editorial Identity

Moreno Valley College's editorial identity is governed by the Riverside Community College District Writing Style Guide. As a District, we follow Associated Press style guidelines when writing news releases, public relations and marketing publications, and other collateral material. 

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Online Identity

Learn more about MVC's web standards and policies, which outline content management responsibilities, update processes, and design guidelines.