Acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations are common tools in higher education to denote organizations, departments, programs, and more. They can be used to quickly convey what may otherwise be a complex or long name, topic or task. However, they can also create added complexity. That's why using acronyms clearly and consistently is important.

Using Acronyms at MVC

Moreno Valley College follows three basic guidelines when it comes to using acronyms:

  • Do not use abbreviations or acronyms that the reader would not quickly recognize.
  • Do not use acronyms in without defining what they mean first. In a body of text, spell out the word to be abbreviated the first time, and follow it with the abbreviation in parentheses. In designs, elements such as a wordmark or logo can serve as the definition. An example is: Associated Students of Moreno Valley College (ASMVC). Thereafter writer is free to use ASMVC.
  • Do not put acronyms in parenthesis if you don't plan to use the acronym again.

Common MVC Acronyms

These are common acronyms and abbreviations used at Moreno Valley College.

Acronym Definition
ACCJC  Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
ACES  Academic Counseling and Educational Support program
ADT  Associate Degree for Transfer
AOE  Area of Emphasis (Degree)
AP  Administrative Procedures
APC  Academic Planning Committee
A&R  Admissions and Records
AS   Academic Senate
ASCCC   Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges
ASMVC  Associated Students of MVC
ASRCCD  Associated Students of Riverside Community College District
BAM   Budget Allocation Model
BCTC   Ben Clark Training Center
BITS   Business & Information Technology Department
BIRT   Behavioral Intervention and Resource Team
BOT   Board of Trustees
BP   Board Policy
BSI   Basic Skills Initiative
CBOC   Citizens’ Bond Oversite Committee
CCCCO   California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office
CCSSE   Community Colleges Survey of Student Engagement
CEC   California Education Code
CI-D  Course Identification Numbering System
CMP   Comprehensive Master Plan
COMM   Communications Department
COR   Course Outline of Record
CPR   Comprehensive Program Review
CPTESL   Computerized Proficiency Test for ESL
CRLA   College Reading and Learning Association
CSEA   CA School Employees Association
CTA   California Teachers Association
CTE   Career & Technical Education
DBAC   District Budget Advisory Council
DCC   District Curriculum Committee
DE   Distance Education
DEC   Dental Education Center
DEMC   District Enrollment Management Committee
DOI   Dean of Instruction
DSS   Disability Support Services
DSP   District Strategic Plan
DSPC   Dist. Strategic Planning Council
ECE   Early Childhood Education
ECEC   Early Childhood Education Center
EEO   Equal Employment Opportunity
EOPS   Extended Opportunity Programs and Services
EMP   Educational Master Plan
FLEX   Flexible Calendar Program
FMP   Facilities Master Plan
FMTF   Function Map Task Force
FTE   Full Time Equivalent
FTES   Full Time Equivalent Student
FYCP   Five Year Construction Plan
FYE   First Year Experience
FYSS   Foster Youth Support Services (Guardian Scholars)
GELO   General Education Learning Outcome
GP   Guided Pathways
HASS   Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences Department
HHPS   Health, Human & Public Services Department
HM   Humanities Building
HRER   Human Resources and Employee Relations
HSCE   High School Concurrent Enrollment
ICC   Inter-Club Council
IDS   Instructional Department Specialist
IE   Institutional Effectiveness
IGETC   Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum
ILO   Institutional Learning Outcome
INST   Instruction
IOI   Improvement of Instruction
IR   Institutional Research
ISP   Integrated Strategic Plan
ISS   Institutional Set Standards
JD   Job Description
KPI   Key Performance Indicators
LGA   Local Goal Alignment
LGBTQ+   Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer, Questioning
LIB   Library
LFM   Leading from the Middle
LO   Learning Outcome
LC   Learning Center
LLC   Library Learning Center
MCHS   Middle College High School
MOU   Memorandum of Understanding
MMAP   Multiple Measures Assessment Project
MVC   Moreno Valley College
MVV   Mission, Vision, and Values
NC  Norco College
NOC   Network Operations Center
OEI   Online Education Initiative
OER   Open Educational Resources
OPEB   Other Postemployment Benefits
PACAH   Program and Course Approval Handbook
PD   Professional Development
PI   Proportionality Indices
PLO   Program Learning Outcome
PR   Program Review
PSC   Parkside Complex
QFS   Quest for Success
RCC   Riverside City College
RCCD   Riverside Community College District
RR   Resource Request
SAO   Service Area Outcome
SAS   Student Academic Services
SCFF   Student Centered Funding Formula
SCI   Science and Technology Building
SEA   Student Equity & Achievement
SEP   Student Educational Plan
SFS   Student Financial Services
SHPS   Student Health & Psychological Services
SI   Supplemental Instruction
SLO   Student Learning Outcome
SP   Strategic Plan
SPC   Strategic Planning Council
SS   Student Services
SSS   Student Support Services
SSSP   Student Success and Support Programs
STEM   Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
STU   Student Services Building
SWOT   Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
SWP   Strong Workforce Program
S&K   Science and Kinesiology Department
TA   Teaching Assignment
TSS   Technology Support Services
VFS   Vision for Success
VPAA   Vice President, Academic Affairs
VPBS   Vice President, Business Services
VPSS   Vice President, Student Services
VRS   Veterans Resource Center