Art is for everyone, that’s the simple idea behind the MVC Free Little Art Gallery (FLAG).

View art! Share art! Take art!

Everyone should have easy access to viewing art. Everyone should feel encouraged to make art and share it with others. And everyone should be able to collect art. The MVC Free Little Art Gallery (FLAG) is a community space for just that. Feel free to explore the art within, take a piece that speaks to you, and consider leaving your own creations for the next collector to enjoy.

More Information

  • Find it: The FLAG is located outside the Humanities Building.
  • Enjoy it: You can view the artwork inside at any time. Occasionally, the FLAG even has curated exhibitions.
  • Add to it: Create artwork you'd like to share and allow someone to take it home. From sculptures, to illustrations, to crafts, anything that fits inside is fair game.
  • Take from it: When unlocked, we invite you to take an art piece that speaks to you, but make sure to leave art for others in our community to enjoy!
Photo of the FLAG exhibition box


Occasional Closures

The MVC FLAG may occasionally be locked for curated exhibitions by MVC students and local artists. We invite you to look and be inspired. Don’t worry, "the share art, take art" feature will return shortly.

More Resources

Follow along with the MVC FLAG activities on Instagram (@mvc_arts) and reach out to the MVC Art Gallery Director, Lauren “Ally” Johnson, with questions or ideas for curated exhibitions.

About the Movement

The Free Little Art Gallery movement seeks to make art accessible to communities across the world. You can start your own, or discover other galleries across the globe.

Start Your Own

Make Art on Campus

Contribute to the FLAG! Students can use MVC’s iMAKE Innovation Center for art creation or take an art class.

Special Thanks

Thank you to Matt Luther, associate professor, art, for his assistance in constructing the MVC Free Little Art Gallery.


The MVC Free Little Art Gallery is regularly monitored for appropriate content and display. Please be considerate of all viewers and makers when partaking in MVC FLAG activities. Items may be removed at any time to be stored for later display or to be disposed of if deemed not to align with the values of kindness, openness, and equity central to the MVC FLAG mission.