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MVC's Information Technology group, part of Technology Support Services, assists employees with computer-related issues such as software installs, printers, desktop and laptop workstations, and more.

If you need service or support for college-owned computer equipment, contact us by submitting a request for service and repairs. By request, the IT team will also set up select specialized software packages, provide quotes for technology equipment and licensing purchases, and more.

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Numerous services at Moreno Valley College can only be accessed on our internal network. Regardless of your work location, we can help you get connected.

Virtual Desktop, or VDI, allows you to securely access the District's internal applications and resources via a web browser on any device, even personal devices. VDI uses any web browser to open/run a Windows computer inside our network.

VDI-accessible information and programs include departmental file shares, Galaxy, Colleague(Datatel)/UIWeb, OnBase, and SARS.

Access must be requested through ServiceDesk.

RCCD's virtual private network, or VPN, solution allows employees to connect a physical computer onto our network. For security, VPN access is subject to approval and can only be utilized on District- and College-owned hardware. Using a virtual desktop, or VDI, is the recommended and secured way to connect. VPN access must be requested through ServiceDesk.

All employees and students receive access to free wireless internet while on campus for personal devices. Visitors receive limited access to campus internet. All District-owned devices are set up to access internet automatically; do not change the internet connectivity settings.

About Campus WiFi

Phones, internet ports, email accounts, and other networking-related tasks are handled at the District level. For assistance with these needs, please submit a ServiceDesk ticket to the appropriate RCCD Information Technology group.

Software and Hardware

Technology Support Services offers assistance installing various software and hardware.

These software packages and applications come standard on District devices.

  • Microsoft Office
  • Antivirus software
  • Adobe Acrobat DC

These software packages can be installed to District devices, or access granted, upon request.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  • Autodesk applications
  • CI Track
  • Galaxy
  • OnBase

These software services are available online through your web browser

  • 25Live
  • Adobe Sign
  • Canvas
  • Colleague/UI Web
  • Concur
  • Etrieve
  • Everfi
  • Linkedin Learning
  • Mediasite
  • Desktop computer installs
  • Laptop dock installs
  • Printer installs
  • Computer peripheral assistance (monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers)

Setting up New Equipment

Inventory and Asset Control

If your department/program has purchased technology equipment (e.g. computers, printers, etc.), follow these steps to make sure it gets added to the District’s Inventory Control system and a request gets forwarded to Technology Support Services to set it up.

  1. As equipment arrives to MVC, you will receive an email notification from the Warehouse about items received and their location. Confirm all items on your order have been received. Ensure that ALL items have been received, as it is very common to receive several shipments for the entire order. If all items are not yet present, please wait, otherwise you will have to re-submit a new request when all items are finally in. Check the packing list on every box to confirm which items have been received so far.
  2. Once you’ve confirmed that all items have been received and are in the warehouse, submit a request to Inventory Control to tag the equipment through ServiceDesk or by emailing The service request option you want to choose is Request Asset Tag. If you need assistance with ServiceDesk, please contact the Helpdesk. 
  3. When all items have been tagged, you will receive an email notification from Inventory Control, including the asset tag numbers, save this information for your records. Once equipment is tagged, the request will be forwarded to Technology Support Services to setup the new equipment. There is no need to submit a separate request for this step.

If you have any questions about Inventory Control (e.g. status updates, which items need to be tagged, etc.), please contact If you have any questions about items received, please contact the Warehouse at ext. 6145.

Contact Us

The Moreno Valley College IT team is available to assist you with your on-campus technology hardware and software needs. Please submit a ServiceDesk ticket in order to request assistance. ServiceDesk can only be accessed on the RCCD Network. Alternatively, you may email the helpdesk.

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