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Logic, reason, solutions

Mathematics involves critical thinking to construct logical arguments to communicate a thoughtful solution to a problem. At MVC, you'll learn the language of mathematics to understand how to communicate ideas in a precise, efficient manner.

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Mathematics for Transfer

Associate of Science for Transfer

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The Mathematics degree for transfer provides students with a sufficient academic basis from which to pursue a career in mathematics, statistics, actuarial science, and education.

This program prepares students for seamless transfer to a California State University.

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19 - 20 Units

Meet Your Math Faculty

Your mathematics faculty are committed to high-quality instruction. From introductory algebra to statistics to calculus and beyond, we teach students how to think and solve problems analytically. You'll use math not just in the real world, but as a foundational tool in the study such as science, engineering, social studies and even art. We are excited to teach, explore and grow with you.

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Why pursue mathematics?

Studying mathematics will develop the skills necessary to become a better problem solver. Many career fields require mathematical knowledge to solve complex problems in the world today. You'll learn persistence, patience, while logic and quantitative reasoning will help you make informed decisions and better prepare you to enter the workforce. Mathematicians have the choice to enter numerous fields, such as business, aeronautics, or economics, and earn competitive salaries.

What You'll Learn

Mathematics students primarily study advanced calculus, and take additional classes in differential equations, linear algebra, mechanics, or programming concepts in C++. Topics include:

  • How to reason mathematically both abstractly and computationally.
  • How to create and analyze mathematical models.

Career Paths

  • Actuarial Science
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Math
  • Math for Secondary School
  • Statistics

Mathematics Courses Tailored to Your Needs

At MVC, even if you choose not to pursue an associate degree in mathematics, you can choose the path that best suits your interest and program of study. Not all majors need to take the most difficult mathematics courses, while students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics may want to complete transfer-level coursework early on. Make sure to speak with your counselor to determine the best course path for you.

About Placement Moving through Math Flow Chart (pdf)

STEM majors typically follow a four to five course pathway for mathematics. All classes are degree applicable unless marked with *** next to the course name.

  1. MAT-9 BSTEM College Algebra (and optional MAT-109 Support Corequisite for MAT-9***)
  2. MAT-36 Trigonometry** or MAT-10 Pre-calculus* (MAT-9 leads to MAT-36, while Precalculus has no prerequisite; choose based on your placement, major and/or transfer requirements)
  3. MAT-1A Calculus I*
  4. MAT-1B Calculus II*
  5. MAT-1C Calculus III*, MAT-2 Differential Equations*, or MAT-3 Linear Algebra*

* UC/CSU Transferable

** CSU Transferable only

*** Not degree applicable

Business majors typically follow a two course pathway:

  1. MAT-9 BSTEM College Algebra (and optional MAT-109 Support Corequisite for MAT-9***)
  2. MAT-5 Calculus for Business and Life Sciences*

* UC/CSU Transferable

*** Not degree applicable

Liberal studies majors typically follow one course mathematics pathway:

  1. MAT-25 Math for Liberal Arts Students* (and optional MAT-125 Support Corequisite for MAT-25***)

* UC/CSU Transferable

*** Not degree applicable

Social science and liberal arts majors typically follow a two course mathematics pathway:

  1. MAT-12 Statistics* (and optional MAT-112 Support Corequisite for MAT-12***) OR MAT-11 College Algebra*

* UC/CSU Transferable

*** Not degree applicable

Get help with math courses

MVC's Academic Success Center team offers mathematics assistance. Access free tutoring, study space and study groups, and connect with faculty. Whether you're learning online or in-person, help is available to help you succeed in your classes.

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