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Math & Science

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Studying math and science at MVC provides students with an understanding of the natural sciences, analytical thinking and reasoning, and the scientific method. You'll learn how to use mathematics and science as investigative tools as well as how to use inductive and deductive reasoning.

The Math & Science degree at MVC can be used as a starting point for careers in the natural and biological sciences, mathematics, allied health, computer science, and engineering.

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Math & Science

Associate of Science

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You'll learn how mathematics and science serve as investigative tools, the role of mathematics and science as part of human civilization and society, and the inherent value of both inductive and deductive reasoning as part of the human experience. Students are required to take one course each in mathematics, physical sciences, and life sciences, as well as any elective courses that best serve their academic and career goals.

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18 Units

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Why pursue math & science?

An emphasis in math and science provides students with fundamental and foundational skills and knowledge for the pursuit of higher education in healthcare, such as nursing, engineering, biology, chemistry, and more. In general, the math and science program of study is ideal if you're starting your academic journey with a plan to transfer to a university for further study.

What You'll Learn

Science courses emphasize the natural sciences, which examine the physical universe, its life forms, and its natural phenomena. You'll gain an understanding of the process of science and the scientific method.

Meanwhile, mathematics at MVC emphasizes the mathematical, analytical, and reasoning skills beyond the level of intermediate algebra.

Career Options

  • Nursing
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Oceanography
  • Microbiology
  • Physics
  • Geology and ecology
  • Chemistry
  • Biology