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Learn about the living world

Studying biology rewards you with a deep understanding of the natural, living world. Biology majors learn how to conduct research, solve problems, think critically, and organize thoughts and ideas according to the scientific method. 

Pursuing biology is ideal for students seeking further studies in the natural sciences, who want to become medical professionals, or want to work with animals, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, and more.

Programs of Study

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    Associate Degree
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    Transfer Degree
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    Credit Certificate
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Biology for Transfer

Associate in Science for Transfer

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The Biology for Transfer degree introduces the concepts and principles upon which biologic knowledge is based including the biochemistry, structure and function, ecology and evolution of organisms, from the levels of cells through the biosphere.

Students will develop skills for critical/analytical thinking, perceptive reading/observation and interpretation. Students receive a core curriculum that will prepare them with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the study of biology.

This degree will assist students in seamlessly transferring to a CSU.

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32 Units

Why pursue studies in biology?

A foundation in biology offers you immense flexibility in choosing a career in the sciences. Whether your future includes treating patients, finding the next cancer treatment, or developing a more renewable energy source, studying biology can help you reach your goals.

What You'll Learn

At MVC, biology majors receive a well-rounded education in math and science. Courses include molecular and cellular biology, organismal and population biology, chemistry, as well as calculus and physics.

Students can also choose to pursue electives related to the career they wish to pursue, including but not limited to anatomy and physiology, geography and geology, anthropology, psychology and more.

Career Options

  • Animal science, pre-veterinarian studies, entomology
  • Pre-med, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, genetics
  • Environmental sciences, chemical engineering, chemistry, botany, biotechnology, microbiology
  • Pharmaceutical sciences and pre-pharmacy studies