Guaranteed Admission to One of Six UC Campuses

The UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a set of transfer requirements that, when completed, guarantees the student transfer admission to six participating University of California campuses. Admission is guaranteed, but some institutions may have additional requirements for impacted majors.

UC TAG is an option for transfer students from a California Community College (CCC) such as MVC. Students must have completed 30 UC-transferable units at a CCC, and be able to transfer with at least 60 UC-transferable units.

  • Students that transferred to a California Community College with coursework from a non-CCC are eligible for TAG if the last college they attended is a CCC.
  • Students that already have a bachelor's, graduate or professional degree are ineligible.

TAG applications must be filed one year in advance. Students must follow up their TAG application with a UC application during the October 1 to November 30 application period to remain eligible. TAG application periods are determined by the term students seek to start attending a participating UC.

  • Fall admission: September 1 - 30 of the prior year
  • Winter/Spring admission: May 1 - 31 of the prior year

Prepare for TAG Admission

  • 1

    Choose Your Campus

    Choose the campus that has the programs you want and the admissions requirements you can meet.
  • 2

    Complete the TAG Application

    The UC Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) is used to fill out the TAG application and submit it by September 30 for fall, or May 31 for winter and spring. Since the TAG application has an earlier deadline, you can still apply with the general UC application during November if you miss it.
    Get assistance
    Reviewing your application with a transfer counselor is important! Make an appointment for step by step assistance.
  • 3

    Fulfill Transfer Requirements

    From completing required coursework to meeting the GPA requirements for both admission and (if stricter) your major, be sure that you're on track to fulfill transfer requirements by the time you apply and are admitted.
  • 4

    Submit Your UC Application

    Complete the UC admission application online during the October 1 to November 30 admission period.
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