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Moreno Valley College has prepared a variety of resources and information to help employees learn how to use essential business processes, software and systems. Use the section navigation to choose a software or system to learn more about.

Linkedin Learning

Linkedin Learning is provided at no cost to MVC students and employees through our single sign-on platform. 

Access 16,000+ expert-led courses on a variety of subjects, including web design, business skills, public speaking, Excel courses, leadership training, marketing strategies, interview tips, and more.

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Accessibility Considerations

Multimedia enriches the college and learning experience, but should be used, created and prepared to also be accessible to students and individuals with disabilities. If you have questions about adhering to accessibility requirements and how you can better serve students with disabilities, reach out to Disability Support Services.

Flyers should be treated as images. When creating flyers, particularly for distribution in PDF format, alternative text (or "alt text") should be added to all non-decorative graphical elements on the flyer to ensure it is accessible to viewers with visual impairments.

In most cases, flyers are ideal for print distribution. If disseminating content online or via the MVC website, the information should be put into a web page, added to the college calendar, or otherwise adapted to the medium through which it is being shared. On the MVC website, the webmaster ensures accessibility requirements are met for all published information.

All flyers must include the relevant disclaimer concerning academic discrimination, activity accessibility, financial aid or Perkins grant activities.

All videos shared in the college community (whether in a class or via email) must be captioned to ensure deaf and hard of hearing individuals can benefit from the media.

Faculty may host videos for their courses on Mediasite. Mediasite integrates directly into Canvas. 

Contribute Information or Resources

To submit information or resources to expand or update training and help information, contact the webmaster by email.