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If you are planning to transfer to a four-year university and are pursuing a STEM major, you may find the following registration tips useful so you can finish on time and with all the courses you need to graduate and transfer.

Tips for STEM Students

STEM registration tips for students video (click to watch and listen)
Learn registration tips for STEM students


Pick the right courses, at the right time

Students that pursue STEM majors have bright futures ahead of them. However, most STEM majors have extra pre-requisite and transfer coursework to complete. As you plan, understanding how long your program of study will take to finish and prioritizing enrollment in courses related to your major will help keep you on track.

STEM majors should register for courses in the following order:

  1. Math: Depending on your math placement, you may need to take math courses every fall/spring semester
  2. Science: When possible, register for major prerequisites before you register for general education courses
  3. General Education: These courses should be the last you register for every term (summer/fall/winter/spring)

Some STEM courses:

  • Are not offered every term
  • Are historically difficult
  • Can have several prerequisites

Universities like UC Riverside's College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS) do not accept IGETC and require very specific general education courses. Prior to submitting your transfer application, you'll want to review the requirements of the major and school you plan to enter.

Due to the amount of major prerequisites you need to complete BEFORE you transfer, please note that it takes most STEM students three years to transfer.

STEM students are highly recommended to take as many major prerequisites as possible at Moreno Valley College to increase their chances of being accepted to the university of their choice.

STEM Academic Counseling

Get assistance tailored to your STEM major and goals

STEM counselors can develop your Student Education Plan (SEP) and create the best semester by semester plan based on your goals and needs and help you to transfer/graduate in a timely manner. 

STEM Engagement Center Success Team How to register from your SEP (video)

How Counselors Help

  • Develop and tailor an educational plan
  • Provide career guidance
  • Review certificate, associate degree, and transfer requirements
  • Provide graduation and transfer checks
  • Complete a dismissal/readmit contract
  • Help with grade-related and other academic/course challenges and decisions

Make an Appointment

You can meet with a STEM counselor in-person, online or by phone. If you cannot find a day, time or modality (in-person, online) that works for you, contact Counseling Services.

  • In-person: Welcome Center Building
  • Online: Schedule an appointment
  • By phone: (951) 571-6104
  • By text: (951) 888-1414

To make an appointment, your home college must be Moreno Valley College. You can request to change your home college.