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School of Humanities, Education, Social & Behavioral Sciences

Examine Complex Social Issues

The School of Humanities, Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences offers students an opportunity to study the histories, politics, geographies, belief systems, economics and cultures of communities and the complex social issues affecting them. Students gain the knowledge needed to offer solutions and to confront social and behavioral situations in fields like anthropology, early childhood education, history, philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology.

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We offer degrees and certificates in focuses in political science, early childhood education, history, psychology and more.

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Associate for Transfer (AA-T)
Associate for Transfer (AA-T)

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The development of civilization in ancient Mexico, integrating evidence from archaeology and the pre-Hispanic and post-conquest written records. Emphasizes the history, lifeways, and social and religious institutions of Mexico from the earliest cultures to the Aztec civilization, and their persistence in the modern world.

A survey of the experience of Americans of African descent in America from the 1600s to 1865. The course begins with the history of African civilizations on the coast of West Africa, moves through the rise of slavery in the Americas, the origins and developments of American ideas about race, and the formation of African American culture(s) and identities. It then culminates with emancipation at the end of the Civil War.

Examines the basic concepts and principles of the prevailing theories of personality and evaluates the scientific, theoretical, and practical merits of their assumptions and propositions.

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