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Environmental Science

Address critical environmental issues

Broaden your understanding of the sciences with a degree in environmental science. Whether you seek a career in policy, research, education, conservation, or the sciences, the environmental science program offers an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and mitigating humanity's impact on Earth.

Programs of Study

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Environmental Science for Transfer

Associate of Science for Transfer

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The environmental science degree program introduces the concepts and principles upon which environmental knowledge is based including the biological, chemical, and physical concepts underlying scientific theory and application to environmental issues. 

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40 - 41 Units

Why study environmental science?

From understanding environmental issues and sustainability to conservation and advocacy, a degree in environmental science prepares students to understand, address and find solutions to the complex environmental challenges humanity faces. Plus, with a degree for transfer, you gain guaranteed admission to a California State University for further study in this major.

What You'll Learn

  • Describe the impact of humankind on the environment from scientific, sociological, political, and economic viewpoints both locally and globally.

  • Apply concepts and implement skills learned in the sciences, mathematics, and humanities to real-world environmental issues.
  • Demonstrate an ability to examine scientific evidence demonstrating how human activities affect many ecosystems and recommend alternatives to present practices.

Career Options

A background in environmental science is most common among those that wish to pursue careers in the fields of:

  • Environmental Science or Consultation
  • Climage Change and Conservation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Policy and Government
  • Water, Utilities and Environmental Resources
  • Wildlife Biology

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