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The Riverside Community College DIstrict (RCCD) began serving the Moreno Valley community by offering classes at March Air Force Base and Moreno Valley High School. The number of courses expanded with the community's population. MVC officially opened in 1991 with four buildings: the Library, the Student Services Building, the Science and Technology Building, and the student center.


In October 1985, the Robert P. Warmington Company donated 112 acres for the construction of a college in Moreno Valley. This philanthropic act was motivated by the company's vision that having a college close to the homes that it intended to build would make those homes more attractive to potential buyers. In 1989, RCCD purchased 20 additional acres. Construction on the Moreno Valley College campus began in the same year.

First opened as a satellite campus, MVC gained full accreditation as the 111th California Community College in 2010.

Land Acknowledgement

Board members, the Chancellor, faculty, management and classified professionals offer gratitude and respect to the land’s Indigenous caretakers and affirm the District’s intentions of maintaining the land’s integrity and the Tongva (Gabrieleno), Cahuilla, Payómkawichum (Luiseño), Serrano and Cupeño tribes’ legacy.

We promise to honor the continued guardianship of the land, water and air — all of which are inseparable. We are indebted to the caretakers of yesteryears and the stewards of our institutions will honor the opportunity to live and educate upon these homelands.


MVC became a fully accredited college in 2010, making it the 111th California Community College. MVC has grown from serving 3,490 students in the College's first semester to an annual enrollment of over 15,000 students in 2022.
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Highlights at MVC

Moreno Valley College is committed to educating and empowering our students, providing equitable access to education, and serving our communities. Explore highlights from our more than 30 year history.

March 16, 1987

The Robert P. Warmington Company donates 112 acres to RCC for the Moreno Valley Campus (20 additional acres were purchased).
Campus opened in 1991

March 13, 1991

This date marks the official opening of the Moreno Valley Campus. The Moreno Valley Campus consisted of 132 Acres; 39,789 assigned square feet of buildings, designated to serve 2,400 students but with an actual enrollment of 148 students in spring 1991, and with 3,800 students in fall of 1994. During the spring semester 1991, only 12-week short-classes were offered with 9 full-time faculty.

EMS students gather around a dummy

July 1992

The Moreno Valley Campus is designated as the "beacon campus" for health science programs. In the fall of 1994, the EMT Program transferred from Riverside City College to the Moreno Valley campus to start the allied health program. Eventually MVC's allied health offerings grew to include EMT and Paramedic training, Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting and Medical Assisting.


May 31, 1994

The Moreno Valley Campus announces it will pursue accreditation as an independent college. A month later, the campus graduating class totaled 52 students.

Fire technology students put out a fire


In 1996, the Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center is made possible by the realignment of March Air Force Base. District and public safety agencies work collaboratively to identify training needs in order to provide quality education for the region. Proposal was to set aside 360 acres for a training center.

Front of campus showcasing mosaic installation

April 21, 1998

Moreno Valley artist Timothy L. Taylor unveils the three colorful panels of hand-painted tiles at the bottom of the staircase between the Student Services and Science & Technology buildings.

MVC welcome center breaks ground

March 2004

Voters approve Measure C, a $350 million bond measure for the colleges. This would go on to fund several major development projects, including the MVC Welcome Center building which broke ground on October 5, 2020, with $14 million of Measure C funds.

Students celebrate graduation

March 1, 2010

Moreno Valley College becomes a fully accredited college, making it the 111th California Community College. Initial accreditation was received two months earlier on January 29, 2010.

Photo of logo on SAS building

April 2016

The College installs LED signage atop the Student Academic Services Building for its 25th anniversary, giving light to the beacon on the hill.

Children use a remote controlled robot

December 5, 2019

Moreno Valley College opens its on-campus iMAKE Innovation Center. The 4,150-square-foot Center serves as a hub for innovation and creativity, lending itself to fostering enthusiasm for learning.

MVC grads move their tassels

March 2021

Moreno Valley College celebrates 30 years of serving Valley residents as the community's college.

MVC graduates

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