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Guardian Scholars

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Part of MVC Extended Opportunity Programs & Services

The Guardian Scholars Program is committed to supporting current and former foster youth exiting the foster care system. Our goal is to serve as a resource for young scholars by assisting in their development and equipping them with the educational and interpersonal skills necessary to become self-supporting, community leaders, role models, and competent professionals in their selected fields.

Join Guardian Scholars Counseling and Advising Important Dates (pdf)


We strive to provide a comprehensive program that collaborates with on-campus and off-campus networks to provide support and services to help ensure your academic success. You will have a designated Counselor and Student Success Coach assisting you throughout your educational journey here at MVC. This approach contributes to the quality, depth and success of the student's positive college experience.

Navigate Enrollment Services

  • College application assistance
  • Help with moving through the orientation and counseling process
  • FAFSA and Chafee Grant applications assistance
  • Priority registration
  • Financial help: textbooks, supplies, and services related to transportation, housing or food

Educational Planning

  • Personalized academic counseling and advising
  • Course selection and development of a Student Educational Plan
  • Personalized Student Success Coach assistance
  • Tutorial services
  • Student success workshops
  • Referrals to Counseling Services and Student Health & Psychological Services

Student Engagement

  • University tours and cultural field trips
  • Peer mentoring
  • Annual Foster Care Awareness Event: Voices and Visions


  • Be a current or prospective MVC student.
  • Be a current or former foster youth.
  • Contact Guardian Scholars/EOPS to start your eligibility verification and intake process.
  • Submit Dependency Verification Letter (also known as Ward of Court letter). This letter can be obtained from your county's child welfare agency, your former social worker, or the Independent Living Program (ILP). Submit a copy to Sylvia Livingston in the Student Services Building, Room 303.

We're Part of EOPS

Guardian Scholars services are provided by MVC Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS). While enrollment in EOPS is not required, if you qualify for Guardian Scholars, you may be eligible for additional educational and financial support services through EOPS and NextUp. Your student success coach will let you know your eligibility.

Join Guardian Scholars

To receive more information and to join our program, call or email us to get started. Verification of eligibility is required. Your Guardian Scholars team will guide you through the intake process.

  • Call: (951) 571-6110
  • Visit: Student Services, Room 303
  • Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8 am - 4 pm and Friday, 8 am - Noon
Email UsMore EOPS Services
  • Koko Randolph
    Koko Randolph, EOPS Specialist

    Eligibility Verification

    (951) 888-1312

  • Chat bubble icon
    Lucy Razo, Counselor

    Counseling and Orientation

    (909) 294-6913

  • Chat bubble icon
    Heather Bayse, Counselor

    Counseling and Orientation

  • Sylvia Livingston
    Sylvia Livingston, Student Success Coach

    Application and Intake

    (951) 217-9302


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