Become a Tutor or SI Leader

Tutoring and SI offer a great opportunity to earn while you learn! MVC peer tutors hold one-on-one and group study sessions in a variety of subjects to assist students in understanding the material in their classes. SI leaders attend each class session for which they support and offer regularly scheduled sessions each week to discuss difficult concepts, share study and test-taking strategies, and collaborate with their peers to better understand the content.

How to Apply

  • 1

    Meet Qualifications

    Meet the requirements and qualifications of being an SI leader or Tutor and successfully complete the classes you wish to tutor or be an SI leader in.
  • 2

    Prepare Your Resume

    Prepare your resume. You may seek help from the Career and Transfer Center or utilize tools from Jobspeaker.
  • 3

    Obtain Recommendations

    Obtain two faculty recommendations. Faculty may submit recommendations online. Students may not submit recommendations on behalf of faculty members through this form, but may attach recommendations on official letterhead to their SI Leader/Tutor application form.
  • 4

    Submit Interest Form

    Submit your SI Leader/Tutor application form to indicate your experience and interest in working for MVC's Learning Center.
  • 5

    Apply through Student Employment

    Apply for a job online through student employment for the position you're interested in.

Requirements and Qualifications

Tutors and SI leaders must have passed the class(es) they are tutoring/leading in with at least a "B" grade or higher, and:

  1. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher each semester
  2. Complete and submit a district and supplemental application
  3. Submit your unofficial transcripts
  4. Follow Academic Support Policies and Procedures
  5. Submit Faculty Recommendation(s) completed by MVC faculty
  6. Attend all scheduled training sessions
  7. Enjoy working with and helping others
  8. Have strong communication skills, a positive attitude, and enjoy being part of a team
  9. Ability to maintain your schedule
  10. Maintain enrollment in a minimum of:
    • six units if actively tutoring during the fall or spring terms
    • three units if actively tutoring during the summer or winter terms.
  11. Successful completion of ILA-1-Introduction to Tutor Training is highly recommended
  12. Writing tutors must successfully complete ENG-4


  • Grow as a leader
  • Develop professional skills
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the content that is relevant to your career and academic goals
  • Collaborate with course faculty and program staff to build networking opportunities
  • Earn money while growing professionally and academically!

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For questions or more information you can contact us at (951) 251-5708. You can also email:



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