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Communication, Media & Languages

Study how language and media influence communication

As a multidisciplinary degree, Communication, Media and Languages examines verbal, written and image-based communications in mass media. Students can tailor their studies to their area of interest, and choose courses in journalism, film, communications, world languages, photography, design and more.

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Communication, Media and Languages

Associate of Arts

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The Communications, Media and Languages is emphasizes the study of how humans construct meanings through interactions. Courses focus on the knowledge and skills needed to communicate effectively in oral, written, or visual forms; on the study of language and culture; and on a critical understanding of the structures and patterns of different kinds of communication as they affect individuals and society. 

Students will take classes in multiple discipline areas, including communication studies, english and journalism.

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Why study communications, media and languages?

Students that pursue studies in communication, media and languages learn how to tailor their communications to different audiences. This program provides foundational skills for further study in fields like journalism, marketing, communications, language, mass media, or teaching.

What You'll Learn

  • How to analyze written themes and evidence, as well as research methods to collect and evaluate sources and evidence.
  • How to evaluate purpose and audience to create well-developed, supported, and stylistically fluent responses in written or verbal form.
  • How to evaluate and apply appropriate evidence in support of arguments.
  • The role of nonverbal, verbal, interpersonal, visual, mass media, and cultural indicators inherent in different communication mediums.
  • How socioeconomic and cultural factors work in constructing knowledge.

Career Options

  • Marketing specialist
  • Journalist
  • Copy writer
  • Foreign language or literature teacher
  • Interpreter
  • Translator
  • Writer