The Concurrent Enrollment program allows current high school students to take college classes while finishing their high school diploma.

Take college classes as a high school student

Are you a high school student interested in earning college credit while you finish your high school diploma? Concurrent enrollment may be an option for you! With the approval of your parent/guardian, qualifying students can get a head start on their college career even as they complete their high school courses.

Concurrent enrollment does not replace high school courses. Concurrent classes at Moreno Valley College are taken in addition to your normal required high school classes.

How to Apply Eligibility and Enrollment Limits Recommended Classes

About the program

Minor high school students capable of benefiting from advanced scholastic or vocational work, are classified as highly gifted and/or talented, or are seeking educational opportunities not otherwise available to them, may be eligible for admission to Moreno Valley College as a special student, pursuant to Sections 48800, 48800.5, 48802, 76001, and 76002 of the California Education Code.

What you'll need

All high school students wishing to attend Moreno Valley College are required to submit the following documents by the published deadline:

  1. Moreno Valley College Online Application Confirmation Page
  2. Completed High School Concurrent Enrollment (HSCE) School/Parent Approval Form
  3. Students enrolled in a Home Study Program must provide proof that the Home Study Program is registered with the State of California.

Application Periods

Submit the application confirmation page, completed High School Concurrent Enrollment (HSCE) School/Parent Approval Form and, if enrolled in a Home Study program, proof the Home Study Program is registered with the State of California to Admission & Records by these dates for each term you wish to attend:

  • Spring 2024 term: February 6, 2024
  • Summer 2024 term: June 10, 2024
  • Fall 2024 term: August 12, 2024
  • Winter 2025 term: December 16, 2024
  • Spring 2025 term: February 10, 2025

How to Get Started

  • 1

    Apply to MVC

    Complete the Online Admission Application and print the confirmation page.
  • 2

    Complete the concurrent enrollment approval form

    Complete the High School Concurrent Enrollment School/Parent Approval form, ensuring that it has been reviewed and signed by you, a parent or guardian, and a principal or designee at your high school.
    More Information
    Students enrolled in a Home Study Program must provide proof that the Home Study Program is registered with the State Of California.
  • 3

    Submit your registration packet

    Submit the entire packet (application confirmation page, HSCE School/Parent Approval Form and, if enrolled in a Home Study program, proof that the Home Study Program is registered with the state of California) in person to Moreno Valley College Admissions and Records before the posted deadlines.
  • 4

    Activate your student email

    Activate your student email. You will only be notified via your student email account of your approval status approximately one month before the term begins.
    More information
    It is essential that you check your student email regularly for notification of approval for HSCE and other important information and updates, such as available courses, schedule changes, waitlist status, and more.
  • 5

    Enroll in classes

    All approved high school concurrent enrollment students will have the option to register for classes on the first day of each term in order to ensure that they do not displace regularly admitted students.
  • 6

    Pay fees

    High school students are not required to pay enrollment fees but are responsible for a Health Fee and a Student Services Fee for every term attended. If needed, you may also purchase a parking permit.

Eligibility and Enrollment Limits

From GPA and age requirements to the maximum limits students can take, make sure you know how to make the most of being a concurrent enrollment student.

To qualify for concurrent admission at Moreno Valley College, students must:

  • be at least 16 years of age or have completed the 10th grade, and
  • must be in good academic standing with a high school GPA of at least 2.5

Students under 16 or who have not completed the 10th grade must receive supplementary approval from the MVC Director of Admissions & Records through an additional interview process. The interview and approval process, in addition to the required documents, must be completed and submitted by the application deadline to be eligible to attend Moreno Valley College. Contact to inquire about this process.

  • HSCE students may enroll in a maximum of 8 units in Fall/Spring and 5 units in Summer.
  • HSCE students are not permitted to enroll in any Kinesiology (KIN) courses.
  • HSCE students approved at Moreno Valley College may enroll into general courses offered at Riverside City or Norco College, in accordance with each college's high school concurrent enrollment policies and procedures.
  • HSCE students approved at Riverside City or Norco College may only enroll into Moreno Valley College classes in person.

Recommended Classes

Concurrent Enrollment students may enroll in any college course without prerequisite or program limits if it is open on the first day of term. For maximum flexibility, MVC offers a multitude of online courses that can be more easily managed alongside a daily high school schedule. Use the Class Finder to discover open courses that you're interested in, or check out a list of recommended online classes below.

Launch the Class Finder How to Enroll in Classes

General Education

Offered Online

Refine your knowledge and complete your general education requirements.

Art History

  • AHS-12-22001 Asian Art History
  • AHS-2-22002 Renaissance to Contemporary Art
  • AHS-6-22006 Art Appreciation
  • AHS-6-22007 Art Appreciation
  • AHS-6-22008 Art Appreciation
  • ART-6-22044 Art Appreciation 
  • ART-6-22046 Art Appreciation
  • DAN-6-22057 Dance Appreciation


  • MUS-25-22860 Jazz Appreciation
  • MUS-26-22150 Film Music Appreciation


  • THE-3-22840 Intro to the Theater


  • ANT-1L-22020 Physical Anthropology Lab
  • ANT-2-22021 Cultural Anthrpology
  • ANT-5-22023 Cultures of Ancient Mexico
  • ANT-8-22765 Language and Culture


  • HIS-1-22104 World History 1
  • HIS-31-22954 Intro Chicanx/Latinx Studies
  • HIS-6-22116 United States History to 1877

Philosophy and Humanities

  • HUM-10-22138 World Religions 
  • HUM-10-22139 World Religions
  • PHI-11-22858 Critical Thinking

Political Science and Sociology

  • POL-1-22182 American Politics
  • POL-1-22183 American Politics
  • POL-1-22184 American Politics 
  • SOC-10-22238 Race/Ethnic Relations
  • SOC-20-22241 Criminology
  • SOC-2-22240 American Social Problems
  • SOC-50-22841 Introduction to Social Research


  • PSY-10-22199 Personal and Social Adjustment 
  • PSY-2-22202 Biological Psych
  • PSY-35-22206 Abnormal Psychology 
  • PSY-48-22209 Stats for Behavioral Sciences
  • PSY-8-22216 Social Psychology


  • BIO-1-22960 General Biology 
  • BIO-1-22961 General Biology 


  • GEG-3-22862 World Regional Geography
  • GEG-4-22089 Geography of California
  • GEG-8-22919 Geographic Information Systems

Health Sciences

  • HES-1-22440 Health Science


  • ENG-1B-22340 Critical Thinking/Writing
  • ENG-1B-22346 Critical Thinking/Writing
  • ENG-1B-22849 Critical Thinking/Writing

Literacy and Reading

  • ALR-3-22262 Academic and Lifelong Literacy

English as a Second Language

  • ESL-50-22371 Advanced American College English
  • ESL-850-22376 Advanced American College English (Non-Credit)
  • MAT-11-22483 College Algebra
  • MAT-12-22502 Statistics
  • MAT-36-22518 Trigonometry
  • SOC-48-22243 Stats for Behavioral Sciences
  • SOC-48-22244 Stats for Behavioral Sciences
  • GUI-46-22096 Intro to the Transfer Process
  • GUI-47-22101 Career Exploration and Life Planning

Specialty Courses

Offered Online

Explore unique topics, gain new skills, and make progress toward your major.


  • ACC-1A-22963 Principles of Accounting I
  • ACC-62-22864 Payroll Accounting

Business and Management

  • BUS-18A-22553 Business Law I
  • BUS-18B-22556 Business Law II
  • BUS-77A-22940 Project Management 
  • MAG-44-22640 Principles of Management
  • MAG-47-22641 Applied Business, Management Ethics
  • MAG-56-22642 Human Resources Management


  • ECO-8-22064 Microeconomics


  • ENP-50-22622 Intro to Entrepreneurship
  • ENP-51-22623 Entrepreneurship Basics 
  • ENP-70-22865 Entrepreneurial Team 


  • MKT-20-22652 Princ of Marketing
  • MKT-40-22653 Advertising

Real Estate

  • RLE-80-22663 Real Estate Principles
  • RLE-81-22664 Real Estate Practice
  • RLE-85-22867 Real Estate Economics


  • Introduction to the Administration of Justice (ADJ-1-22768)

Emergency Management and Homeland Security

  • HLS-101-22775 Intro to Emergency Management
  • HLS-3-22916 Response to Homeland Security Incidents 

Counseling and Social Work

  • HMS-23-22630 Law and Ethics
  • HMS-25-22870 Crisis-Intervention Management
  • HMS-42-22634 Family Child Welfare Resources
  • HMS-48-22871 Case Management Corrections
  • KIN-A46-22455 Yoga, Beginning
  • KIN-A47-22457 Yoga, Intermediate
  • KIN-A48-22900 Yoga, Advanced
  • KIN-A75A-22459 Walking for Fitness: Beginning
  • KIN-A75A-22461 Walking for Fitness: Beginning
  • KIN-A75B-22462 Walking for Fitness: Intermed
  • KIN-A75B-22464 Walking for Fitness: Intermed
  • SPA-11-22254 Spanish Culture and Civilization
  • SPA-2-22255 Spanish 2
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