College Designated as an i3 Pilot College, Receives Grant

Apr 1, 2022
Moreno Valley College
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Moreno Valley College has been designated as an i3 Pilot College and received $125,000 grant to help facilitate faculty transformation to become “facilitators of thought.”

The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Workforce and Economic Development Division looks to expediate California’s economy recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic while at the same time keeping pace with advancements in technology.

The Invention, Inclusive and Innovation (i3) initiative’s aim is to help facilitate faculty transformation from “instructors of information” to “facilitators of thought” who no longer just impart knowledge but create space for students to share their unique perspectives to solving challenges, building confidence and communication effectively with their peers and faculty. As such, students will develop the necessary training required to seamlessly transition into today’s job opportunities.  

"This is exciting news not only for Moreno Valley College faculty but students as well," Kevin Stewart, dean of CTE, said. "Many faculty are excited to participate and support the initiatives of this award."

MVC’s faculty team consists of Robert Mason of Business; Emma Pacheco in Humanities; and STEM faculty members Gabriella Florido and Kasey Nguyen.

The grant will aid in redesigning learning environments in order to move to an entrepreneurial mindset that will empower students to build their life in their own terms and take dreams of a future career into their own hands and to redesign learning environments to be accessible that supports lifelong learners. The award will also provide faculty with the tools and resources needed to facilitate in-classroom experiences. The funds will allow faculty to build upon the college’s effort to increase the number of students engaged in experiential learning, and more specifically activities that encourage innovation, research and development, and place-based learning.

"Moreno Valley College is excited to leverage these funds toward additional transformation of community college education and programming by further supporting cutting edge, innovative training and instructional strategies to various academic programs," Stewart said.

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